Escape your reality - Experience ours

Branson, Missouri  -  Live Entertainment Capital of the World  -  This tour will last approximately 3 hours  -  Cost is $5.00 per person.

Our guide will meet your bus and group at your place of lodging or at a designated location of your choosing, within the city of Branson. After a friendly greeting and personal introduction, the tour will begin with a drive down Highway 76 Country Blvd, also known as "The Strip" where the guide will talk about some of the shows, theaters and entertainers as you pass several of the theaters and points of history and interest. 

But this tour is about way more than the shows and entertainers that are here now and have been here for the past 20 to 30 years. This tour is about who started Branson in the 1880's, why they settled in this rugged part of the country instead of continuing on westward to flatter, more fertile farm land...and gold and oil. It's about the spirit and soul of the original settlers and pioneers that settled here. It's about the book, Shepherd of the Hills, and it's author, Herold Bell Wright. It's about who and what a Baldknobber really was and what the name actually means! It's about the White River and the lakes that make up the White River Chain of Lakes, and how immensely important those lakes and that river have been and continue to be to the economy of the entire region here. You will hear funny stories, see beautiful scenery and will be honestly touched and inspired by your visit to The College of the Ozarks Campus and a stop at the gorgeous Keeter Center.

We will end the tour back at the point of origin, or at Branson Landing or the Historic Downtown Branson for shopping and lunch. Your driver can return the guide after dropping the folks off there if necessary!