Escape your reality - Experience ours

Bentonville, Arkansas  -  World Headquarters of Walmart

This tour will last approximately 3 hours  -  Cost is $5.00 per person

Our guide will meet your bus and group at your place of lodging or at a designated

location of your choosing within the city of Bentonville. After a friendly greeting and

personal introduction the tour will begin with a driving tour of the historic district of

Bentonville, that will include a drive-by of the Bentonville City Cemetery where Sam

and Helen Walton are buried. Now, I know that may sound a little weird, but it's

actually very relevant to show the honest, simplicity of Sam Walton, even in his death.

The tour will certainly talk about Walmart, the Walton family and of course Crystal

Bridges Museum of American Art (, but will also talk about Thomas Hart Benton, the man that Bentonville was named after. 

Now, if you're an art lover you might be thinking of the famous American artist Thomas Hart Benton, and if you are then you would probably also think, "But he's would be too young for this old town to be names after him!" and you would be right. The town was named after the artists grandfather. That Thomas Hart Benton, was a Missouri politician that was very instrumental in getting Arkansas to become a state and helping with determining our borders.

We will also visit the Museum of Native American History ( on our tour. Though not a large museum, this is truly an amazing museum and I hope you will trust us when we tell you that groups LOVE there visit here. We don't spend a lot of time here, but just enough that we are confident everyone will see at least a few things they love.

We will also make a short drive out to the Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel ( This chapel is the second chapel designed by E. Fay Jones, who was the same architect of Thorncrown Chapel. Though this chapel has not won the awards that Thorncrown Chapel has, it is just as stunning. In fact, many people like it even more than Thorncrown. We will talk about Mrs. Cooper, her family and how they connect to Bentonville and northwest Arkansas.

After leaving the chapel we will return to Bentonville, where we can either go back to your hotel or meeting point, or we can drop off at the Walmart Museum ( downtown at the location of Sam Walton's first store here in Northwest Arkansas...Walton's 5 and 10. There are ample restaurants on, off and around the square, so it's a perfect stop for "Lunch on your own".