mission statement


We will work earnestly and honestly to provide customized, luxurious travel packages that never disappoint.  

We will provide the best tour guides in the area. Guides that have lived here for all or most of their lives, who KNOW what they are talking about and have LIVED the Ozark life, with great stories to tell.

We help plan unforgettable experiences for:

Groups of 15 or more, such as:

  • Bank Travel Clubs
  • Adult & youth Church Groups
  •  School Groups
  • Military Reunions
  • Corporate Retreats

Our travel packages include the following services:

  • budget planning
  • travel agenda and time planning
  • lodging, dining and Activity reservations
  • Local tour guide service
  • bus chartering

joe & laurie gunnels

Joe has been a local tour guide in Eureka Springs since 1978, just 2 years out of high-school. He started Joe Gunnels Tours in 1988, after working for other tour companies for 10 years. Learning both what to do and what not to do.

Joe uses his experience and knowledge of the Ozarks (Branson, Eureka Springs, Bentonville) to help you plan an excellent itinerary that includes the best places to stay, foods to eat, shows to see and sights and attractions to see and experience!

Joe's first love in the tour business is being a local tour guide. Showing and telling you and your guests all about this amazing, beautiful area of the USA. He and his tour guides share stories and information you simply will not get anywhere else.

In 1998 Joe's world reached the highest of happiness and success, when he married the love of his life, Laurie! They have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. All who live within an hour drive from their home!

we believe IN...


We believe in treating you and your tour guests just as well as we would like to be treated if you were taking care of us in your part of the world!

That means in pricing, attitude and in service. 


We aren't experts everywhere, but we are in the entire Ozark region and we want to help you and your group have not just great tours, but great experiences, too.

Experiences that they will go home and tell their friends and family about.


We are in business to take care of people. To make sure they have a great time and experience, But we are also in business to make a living. We simply take the best prices we get from each vendor and add a small percentage of mark-up. We don't guarantee the lowest price but we work hard for you to get the BEST price we can, and thereby keeping the cost of your tour package down.


Escape your reality - Experience ours